School Nursing

School nurses in Essex operate in schools across the county, delivering health advice and support to school-aged children and young people.

The team give children and young people in Essex’s schools, colleges and academies access to a school nurse 52 weeks a year.

How can we help?

Working together with schools, we:

  • Participate in national campaigns and initiatives e.g. national child measurement programme
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Support and give advice to young people with medical conditions, to ensure they access the whole curriculum and are not disadvantaged
  • Give school staff the information they need to support children with health concerns
  • Deliver the national childhood immunisation programme
  • Provide drop-in sessions for young people to talk about any health or wellbeing concerns
  • Work with children and young people who have complex medical needs

We normally work from 9am until 5pm; however we’ll do our best to make ourselves available to you outside of these hours.

What happens next?

The school nursing service accepts self-referrals through school drop-ins by the young person themselves.

Children and young people can also be referred by parents and carers.