Complaints and compliments

We want to give you a chance to tell us what you think about your experience, good or bad. You can explain your answer and tell us how we can improve things.

We will look at all feedback and use it to make decisions that will make local services better for local people. It is open to all patients, whatever your age or healthcare needs. You have the choice as to whether your comments remain confidential or not when you feed back.

We believe that, if our services are good enough for you and your family and friends, then they’ll be good for everyone. We will make sure that every comment is completely anonymous and we will publish comments so that we’re transparent about how our service is doing.

Feedback about this website

If you would like to give us feedback on this website, please click here to contact us using the form on our main website or call your local Child and Family Wellbeing Service Hub.

If you have a concern or complaint about our services

If you have a complaint, concern or compliment about the experience you’ve had or about one of the team then we want to know about it.

How to make a complaint

Initially you should try to speak to a member of the team caring for you. In many cases, it will be possible for them to sort out the problem straight away. Please contact your local Healthy Family Hub (children’s centre).

You can tell us about your concern or complaint in writing, in person, over the telephone or by email.

If you have a concern, compliment or complaint about the service you have received from HCRG Care Group or you need or want more information on the services we provide, then our Customer Experience team can help you.

To raise a concern, make a complaint or leave a compliment, you can email or write to us:

HCRG Care Group Customer Experience
The Health Business and Technical Park,
Cheshire WA7 4QX

You can also call us on: 0300 303 9509 (this is a local rate number).

We are open Monday-Friday and your enquiry will be acknowledged by a member of the team within 3 working days. This means a message sent on a Friday afternoon might not receive a response until Wednesday.

Please do not use these lines for emergency medical help, instead please dial 111 or 999 as appropriate.

Friends and Family Test

As a provider of NHS services, HCRG Care Group takes part in the NHS Friends and Family Test. If you have recently used one of our services and you have your service code, you can give us your feedback online. Click here to tell us what you think

Use the codes:

E0001 – North East
E0002 – West
E0003 – Mid
E0004 – South

Click here to download our professional referral form.